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Welcome to our lives


We are the 13 Bad Guys.  We were born in a movie.  A movie coming out later this year.  But we were able to escape.  We now exist in cyberspace where we are just as real as you are.


We have:



As you browse you will come across Fictional:






and our very own News outlet



New characters are springing up all the time.  Some of them remain hidden in plain site until they are ready to be revealed.  They may not be in the original film but that doesn't mean they will not be in films to come.  In fact, we invite YOU to submit your own character.  Give your character an online persona and document your exploits.  There are only three rules:


1. No Good Guys. 

2. No Superheroes.

3. No Free Lap Dances. 


Anyone caught being themselves will be barred for life.  Oh, and your Alter should have a connection to one of us, the original 13 Bad Guys.  Even if you just walk one of our dogs.  We plan to have some fun with Social Media and hopefully play some  memorable pranks.  So if you think you've got what it takes, drop us a line.  The Rabbit Chase starts here. 

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If you made it this far, we're guessing you're one of us.  The 14th Bad Guy, so to speak.  So here's your chance to make it official.  What you stumbled on to is what we call a flickrealm.  An alternate reality based on an upcoming movie that just keeps growing.  It all begins with these 13 bad motherfuckers.  But every week, a new character will be born somewhere on the internet.  Soon users will be able to create their own characters and begin a life of crime inside the flickrealm.  When enough members join, we will begin an online role playing game with no end.  To play, you will have to be 'made' by other members.  Most will be bad guys.  But some - the ones you really have to watch out for - well... they're the good guys.  And they will stop at nothing to take you down.


So if you think you're mean enough to roll with the 13 Bad guys,  send an email with the answers to these 13 trivia questions to and we'll give you an exclusive sneak preview of the film 13 Bad Guys is based on.  All the answers can be found on this site.  In fact the hardest one might just be the last.  Here's a hint - it has something to do with Tarantino.  Also, keep your eyes peeled for secret links and other hidden treasures. 


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